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Designed by B J Bucknall and built in 1865, its austere exterior is in sharp contrast to the inside every inch of which is richly decorated by A Stansell of Taunton and lit by rich Clayton and Bell stained glass.

Holy Trinity Church, Pontargothi

Over many decades a smoky old coke boiler had deposited a dark layer of grime over the paintings rendering the interior dark and gloomy. Some conservators felt that the dirt was not damaging the paint so should be left alone. I believed that the artists' vision of a spectacular and colourful interior had been compromised and people in our own time should be allowed to enjoy it as it was intended.

Using great skill and care, Cath Lloyd Haslam and Sarah Warburton cleaned all interior surfaces with dramatic results. Ken Filkins was the contractor for repairs to the fabric and the project had funding from Your Heritage and Cadw.