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St Gwenog's Church Phase 2: Roof Repairs

St Gwenog's Church, listed as Grade I, is the most complete medieval church in Cardiganshire with a fine late C15 roof and tower.
Roger Clive-Powell's involvement goes back to the late seventies when the tower and medieval roof had become extremely precarious. The first phase was to secure the tower. This second phase was to save the near-derelict medieval roof structure & plasterwork.

Reversible repairs to medieval trusses: Structural joints were destroyed by woodworm. Lacking funds to scarf in new oak, plywood flitch plates were bolted across damaged joints to restore the structural continuity.

The rotten laths were carefully picked out and the ancient ceiling plaster re-fixed in the bays between trusses and purlins. None was lost in the process.

The work was grant aided by Cadw.