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St Gwenog's Church, Llanwenog: phase 1 repairs
St Gwenog's Church, listed as Grade 1 is the most complete medieval church in Cardiganshire.
The tower had been allowed to fall into disrepair over many years to such an extent that the walls' hearting had been washed out. The structure had become little more than a pile of dry stones and its concrete roof on the point of collapse. Large splits had appeared from top to bottom
  on three sides so a scheme was prepared to tie it together around its top then grout it laboriously by hand with lime and p.f.a to restore its structural integrity.
The project was started in 1980 with grant aid from the old Welsh Office. No amenity societies had appeared in rural Wales.

There were no DAC's, no proper faculty procedures,
no conservation officers and no specialised builders.
  In those days a Welsh conservation architect was on his own. Deliveries were unreliable so specialised materials had to be collected from England.
For this project Roger Clive-Powell ran his own team of directly employed local craftsmen. Here we see Geraint Mable grouting the wall and Dewi Davies assembling his bell-frame.
The work was grant aided by Cadw.