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Gazebo in a Solicitor's Yard, Haverfordwest.


The gazebo, a late 18th C summer house perched on a retaining wall, appeared to be collapsing. When Preseli Council served a repairs notice the owners commissioned a structural report indicating demolition. I inspected the building for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and found that although it was in a distressed state it was not falling over the retaining wall. The more obvious cracking had been caused by an old ash tree's roots.

We supported the gazebo independently of the retaining wall and invisibly by concealing a reinforced concrete "peg" beneath the basement floor, Restraint was exercised to avoid over-restoration. Missing elements were copied from other, local buildings. Permanent ventilation to the interior was introduced through secret grilles incorporated as part of the decorative mouldings.
My lawyer's head design for the weather-vane reflects the age of building and the occupation of the present owners; solicitors.

Cadw and Preseli Council grant aided the scheme . Haverfordwest Civic Society granted the scheme their Award.